My Car and the PA Corruption !

A month ago, I was lucky to have the luxury to afford buying a used car, it was just like I wanted it; cheap, economic and smart.
I bought my car for $10,000 but the surprise was when I compared the prices … it cant be bought for less here.. BUT … it is sold for ONLY $1700 Britain and ONLY $1500 in “israel” .. the PA charges the people here to pay 7 times for the same product… .. (You can compare the price at your side … Hyundai/accent/2007)
How that works?
Seeing that some occupied Palestinians buy used “israeli” car for a few money, first the PA charged them double price as tax for “importing” used car, though some just buy them from their “neighbors””, the rampaging settlers. … seeing that this is not much profitable, the PA banned completely buying cars from our zionist “neighbors and cousins” :p .. but the trick was that two months later the Palestinian market was filled with zionist used cars… how did that work?
The PA combrdors got the trick work for them (probably they knew how it works before they issued the ban) … cooperating with their zionist partners, the PA agents bought hundreds, if not thousands of used cars and shipped them to Jordan… in Jordan, the cars get new licence and numbers as Jordanian cars, and this way (for our luck) we started to buy Jordanian cars …. this way, also Jordan is the founder and facilitator for lots of zionist products shipped to Arab (especially gulf countries) such as vegetables and fruits seemingly planted and produced in the semi-desert of Jordan.
This way, the PA agents got the profit 7 big times.. they buy zionist car for $1500, ship them to Jordan and then import them to be sold for $10,000 – 12,000 .. and who pays for that? It is me and the rest of the occupied Palestinians who toil for the PA agent to get more fat !!
The PA (ALL IN ALL) leadership, ministers, police and “soldiers” .. are ALL IN ALL just compradors for the zionist settlers. .. they charge the Palestinians to pay HUGE taxes to feed their police and corrupt employees who do NOTHING but suppress their people and provide security protection for the zionists … this explains how I myself had to pay $10,000 to pay the PA police to provide safe haven for the zionist settlers.
ALL the cars imported by the PA agents are cahrged tax of 30% of its price and that includes the new cars imported from the manufactures directly.
This is not the whole story …
The PA has NOTHING of local product to be proud of .. the electricity is imported DIRECTLY from the zionist and all what the PA is doing is just charging the people with extra taxes for them to pay even more that the zionist settlers.. this applies also to water which we (both as PA and citizens) are forced to buy it through our cousins, the rampaging settlers, with one exception, that we pay more taxes for the PA to feed their “soldiers” who have nothing to do but to spy on the people and provide security for the settlers.
The PA agents are smart … they know what the people here use most and then they charge them triple … people here MOSTLY buy Chinese cheap products ,, two years ago the PA doubled the tax for the Chinese products, from 17% to 33% as I still remember !!
The most common cars here are Hyundai … early this year the PA increased the Tax for EACH car from $5000 to $7000 .. and ALL is to pay for their police and take off the economic, political, security and even moral charges off the zionist occupiers to make it a profitable occupation for the zionists !!
in short … that PA is just a bunch of compradors who provide service for the zionist and milk their people !!

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