Barnevernet Norwegian the definition of tyranny?

Internional Family Matters

Translation of an original text by: Irene Hov

The police concluded and closed the Norwegian Barnevernet case where a 13 year old cild died of epilepsy because child welfare did not listen to the doctors.
Image where Save the children (Redd Barna) promotes Barnevernet as a safe and just institution
Barnevernet commercial on YouTube!

This case shows the inequality of treatment how police, prosecutions and courts deal with similar issues involving the CPS authorities. Everyone is NOT included – as equals under the law, the authorities aim is to raise child welfare institution’s status in society by commending for their actions.
This case is widely discussed on social media as miscarriage of justice, where the parents were branded as unfit to take care of their own child due to the girls’ behavior.
The snow is a perfect symbol of the authorized tragedy
Helplessparents accused of child abuse,

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