The leader of Norwegian Palestine Committee deported from Israel

Translation: Sunnmørsposten/NTB: 

Oslo (NTB): Palestine Committee Kathrine Jensen was obtained, questioned and taken into custody after her arrival in Israel, heading to Palestine Monday. After that she was deported.

Jensen was arrested when she arrived at Ben Gurion airport Monday and she is extremely critical of the treatment she received Monday night.

– They tried to deny me when I had needs, such as going to the bathroom, and I was attacked physically when I tried to film how they constantly harassed me. They deprived me of my belongings and drove me around the airport until I was sitting in the airport prison. I was treated like a cruel criminal, she explains.

– Israel calls it a “security reason”, but it is quite obvious that this is political. I was prevented entering because I have the opinions I have, says Jensen.

Israel has previously denied several Norwegian youth politicians, solidarity workers, activists and health care professionals access to Palestine, which can only be reached through Israeli-controlled border crossings.

– It is absolutely outrageous that Norwegian citizens are exposed to those processes without reaction from the Norwegian government, says Kathrine Jensen. (© NTB) (© NTB)

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