~ This is Momentum Shielding ~ “Ozlem’s” Teaching a lesson i torture

I need to try to wake the ones that forgot their own reflection. The torture I suffered-

I suffered because of the

Zionist aggression and oppression toward Middle Eastern people! 

I am “Ozlem” – and need Momentum shield me – if ISIS knew who told you this.. But…..


I can’t keep it to myself anymore! Everyone should know,  so I told it suffered through the moment where I, Ozlem was a subject for a treatment a non-existing human – a shadow has more value then me… there…


Ozlem’s face the image of her isn’t her. It’s an amazing painting of a Syrian girl caught in a the jihad of her life. With enemies on every side a shadow fighter, fighting for freedom 

Can you imagine the lowest point a human can reach? I’s not low enough. I had reached the point where…Well, my life is better dead then alive. So i would give my life for you to hear this story, that would be my sacrifice


…then a few hours later ± for first time in my life Facebook banned my account!

What do you expect? To a large number of the Western population you have the same view on you that ISIS have. They couldn’t care less about you… Actually the longer as ISIS torture you! The longer ISIS stay away from their safe-zone!

Be honest with yourself, you don’t sacrifice one thought for Ozlem or her sufferings. As a matter of fact you hate her, and you spread as much hate about her as possible!

Why? For selfish reasons, at least where I stand the reasons are all centered around their own well being. They aren’t afraid to show that they more then just willingly would let Ozlem continue being tortured, for the sole reason that she is the shadow – the suffering of someone else then you – 

Facebook took away her voice? Facebook that took away her words?


 Facebook is here in the west! Why doesn’t the West want Ozlem to speak? As long as I write for her she will be safe. ..She WILL BE safe.

I received a message from my twin. In the message my twin informed me that my tutor wanted to see me on Friday it was urgent.

So next day I went to college and had my breakfast in the canteen. At that time I saw my tutor passing by me giving me dirty looks and went to the queue to get her coffee in canteen.


I was very anxious about why she giving me dirty looks. I went up to her and asked what she wanted from me but she ignored my questions. Before I even sat down she got her coffee and asked me to come with her.

We went through staff rooms and my tutor opened one of the doors and I went inside. Anyway my tutor and my assessor sat facing me so my tutor started by asking me why was my Facebook account was shut? I replied

“Because I supported Palestine….”

Suddenly my tutor pointed her finger waving toward me replied no Ozlem those comments and images was racist! And I try did to explain Zionism is not Judaism but non of them allow me to explain. Also my assessor jumped in and told me “What can I tell you if you haven’t learned what your tutor teaches you”. She went on saying…“We invaded countries but those this make us all bad?”  I replied “No of course” not but I wished that moment I screamed

That’s when the torture started….

They shouted to me “So would you like us to call all Turkish Muslims terrorist and suicide bombers?!” I replied “Of course not!”  I wanted to get out of my chair and shout …. “Yes! Yes, you are!! You are occupying Palestine”

“Yes! You are trying to show Islam as bad with Fox news but silent to Zionist crimes!” Unfortunately I couldn’t because my Muslim world wouldn’t support me so I kept silent!

My tutor ended up saying this serious the police could of got involved but this is a warning!

My story is a proof that Zionist plays the “Anti-Semite card” in order to show themselves as “victims”. Also is used for bullying whoever criticize  or debate….

Zionist crimes!

11 thoughts on “~ This is Momentum Shielding ~ “Ozlem’s” Teaching a lesson i torture

    1. Thank you! This is a true story, that we published for someone that is in danger of prosecution it they do.. so If you anyone knows some who wants to tell their story but cant? Give the our link


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